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to being in a class

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Available Workouts

Combo Practice

Practice makes perfect. Work on perfecting your combos with new ones every 30 seconds.

Heavy Bag Workout

A constant flow of new strikes and combos to keep your heavy bag workout fun and effective.


  • A Unique Workout Everytime

    You will never get bored working out on your heavy bag again.

  • Targeted Workout Zones

    Select workouts that focus just on upper body, lower body or full body strikes.

  • Customizable Workouts

    Adjust the number of rounds, length of rounds and the intensity of the workout.

  • Nothing To Install

    iKickboxer is a browser app which means there's nothing to download or install.

  • Regular Updates

    New content is added all the time. So like you, iKickboxer is always improving.

  • Coach Lead

    A human coach, not a robotic voice guides you through your workouts.

Are you missing your classes while social distancing?

iKickboxer is not meant to replace your kickboxing class, but instead be the next best thing while we are all staying safe at home.

If you lose focus and motivation while working out at home, or miss having a coach to call out strikes, combos and encouragements, then iKickboxer might fill that void until we're able to get back into the gym.